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Colorado Chord Company's website uses Email to confirm Member Site And Guest Site registration and to communicate with users regarding password and email change requests.  Many email providers attempt to block any communication sent directly from computer scripts as they may be SPAM.  So, you may experience some problems receiving CCC Website emails.  This page has been set up to allow you to test and troubleshoot these communication problems.  If you have multiple email addresses, try them all and see which one works best for you and Register using that Email.  If you've already registered, go to our Sign-In Page and run the "Change Email!" script to change your registered Email Address.

Only have one email?  There are still some things you can do to improve your odds of receiving CCC Website emails.
The first thing you can do is change your Email Contacts by adding the user: "CCC Website" with the email address: "". (All without the double quotes, of course.)
The second thing that may cause issues is the email filters you have set up on your Email account to block SPAM.  You can always add a filter that states any email from should be delivered to your inbox.  If you have a long list of filters, this may not help as any new filter will be added to the bottom of your list.  All filters are processed from the top of your list. So, you may have to research how to move this new filter to the top of your list.  Sorry, we can't help with this.  All email programs are a bit different, and how filters work is something you must address with your email provider.
The third option is to create a new email account for CCC Website communications. Experience tells me that Comcast seems to be the most difficult to get working, while Gmail seems to be the most forgiving.  Click here if you'd like to create a new Google Gmail account.
The fourth, and final, option is to use the "CCC Webmaster" link at the bottom of each CCC Website page to send us an email.  The response will be less convenient and a bit slower than using the automated Email.  However, we only use automated email for Registration, Lost Password, and Change Email.  So, don't spend too much time trying to get your email to work with our website.  When contacting the Webmaster, be sure to detail what you need; Such as, I ran the Lost Password script and received no email response, or I just registered and received no email response, etc.   Our Webmaster will respond, usually within a few hours, and assist you in making any requested changes.